Powering the global journey to cloud telephony with Microsoft groups

Powering the global journey to cloud telephony with Microsoft groups

One service provider. One management program. One implementation. Comprehensive cloud PSTN substitution in 67 region.

Cloud Telephony

Immediate Routing as a Service for Microsoft Teams contacting

Remote Control Conferences

Premium remotemeetings program

Managed Events

Operator-managed webcasts and digital happenings

One industry, one answer

Lots of companies waste hours and hours managing telephony methods

– a different set of history on-premises PBX gear and carriers – while the consequence for consumers still is poor. Cloud possibilities offer the hope of regular telephony for all users worldwide – but telecom remain heavily managed and a lot of service providers just offer limited worldwide protection. Which means that international people end up with a patchwork of providers.

With fully compliant affect PSTN replacement in 67 region and flexible assistance elsewhere, LoopUp has got the reach to convey even the premier multinationals with one worldwide answer for telephony. All of your people on Microsoft Teams contacting in one professional, on a single worldwide community, administered on a single control program – wherever in this field they might be.

Join 5,000+ firms that currently utilize LoopUp. The reason why select LoopUp?

LoopUp offers global achieve, superior system and strong expertise

One global provider

Fully agreeable PSTN replacing in 67 countries, and integrated regional SBC / company systems someplace else

Superior sound quality

The exclusive worldwide network interconnects with multiple tier-1 providers in each part for resilience and sound top quality

Expert layout and deployment

Highly-accredited global personnel of Microsoft vocals specialists to configure and implement a regular worldwide solution

Seamless integration

LoopUp’s platform works with leading assistance for get in touch with centers, policy-based telephone call recording and other software

Thorough managed provider

International system for steady individual control, and internal 24/7 service

Global spend optimization

Pool their devote across international billing entities to cut back calling costs with LoopUp’s PerfectBundle TM rates

Helping our very own customers to their cloud communications trip

LoopUp has furnished voice assistance for over fifteen years with a credibility for high quality, excellence, security and solution. We have been a trusted parter to a lot more than 5,000 enterprises.

“our very own men and women have actually taken up to LoopUp.”

“When you are seeking someone, you need somebody you can rely on can do ideal for your family.”

“We had big achievement with LoopUp. We were in a position to exchange all our sound suppliers with a single managed services.”

Microsoft Gold Lover since 2010

We’re a professional Microsoft Gold Partner for a range of marketing and sales communications and affect competencies, which means that we satisfy a requiring set of show requirements.

We in addition keep three cutting-edge Specializations including Calling for Microsoft groups . Normally given to a small amount of couples that illustrate deep skills, extensive knowledge and proven achievement.

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