Hold or remove Bookmarks.Cleaning up bookmarks try dull or boring.

Hold or remove Bookmarks.Cleaning up bookmarks try dull or boring.

Clearing up bookmarks are dull or boring. The Firefox add-on hold or Delete Bookmarks delivers some fun to this job by permitting one straighten out the favorites like on “Tinder” or similar providers.

Expansion Metadata

The addition arbitrarily showcases one bookmark, like the title, the URL together with bookmark folder. The user features a number of options:

1) Maintain the bookmark. The bookmark shall be included with a whitelist and hold or erase Bookmarks wouldn’t ask once again relating to this bookmark.

2) remove the bookmark. The bookmark will be deleted from the Firefox.

3) miss out the bookmark and defer the decision. Keep or erase favorites will highlight next bookmark without any action.

4) Open the bookmark. Perhaps you are uncertain towards bookmark yet. This options enables you to open the bookmark in a fresh tab before making a decision.


  • Keep or erase Bookmarks usually demonstrates one arbitrary bookmark
  • You can preserve or delete the bookmark, you can open up the bookmark in another loss you can also defer the choice
  • After an action Keep or erase favorites explains another bookmark
  • Keep or remove Bookmark makes sure that you never begin to see the exact same bookmark two times consecutively
  • There is certainly a confirmation dialog once you press the delete button
  • You can easily disable the confirmation dialogs with one mouse click
  • You can even pull bookmarks through the whitelist whenever you want

Planned functions

Available the roadmap and request new features inside the dilemmas tracker.

The expansion is currently available in listed here dialects:

    Keep or erase favorites does not work with no appropriate permissions:

    – access internet browser tabs

    The authorization to get into the web browser tabs is needed to ensure maintain or Delete favorites can move on the already launched user interface when the interface is unsealed an additional loss while click the option during the internet browser’s toolbar.

    – see and change favorites

    You setup Keep or remove Bookmarks to demonstrate and take off favorites so that it need obvious why the approval is needed to read and adjust their bookmarks.

    Keep or remove favorites needs even more permissions, but Firefox cannot remind the after permissions:

    The menus approval becomes necessary for providing a diet plan entryway from inside the knowledge selection to get into hold or Delete Bookmarks’s interface.

    The storage space approval is needed to ensure that maintain or remove favorites can recall which bookmarks you wish to hold.

    Being Compatible

    Hold or remove favorites requires at least Firefox 68.

    Report this add-on for abuse

    If you were to think this addition violates Mozilla’s add-on plans or have safety or privacy problems, please submit these issues to Mozilla by using this form.

    Do not use this kind to document bugs or request addition services; this document shall be provided for Mozilla and not toward add-on creator.

    The designer for this extension requires you assist supporting its continued development by making a small sum.

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