Cougar, Mountain lion, puma, panther, catamount, Puma concolor: lots of generations of islanders bring talked these brands with an assortment of affection, interest, and anxiety.

Cougar, Mountain lion, puma, panther, catamount, Puma concolor: lots of generations of islanders bring talked these brands with an assortment of affection, interest, and anxiety.

General Cougar Facts:

In 1891, the steamer Lola fell Oliver Van Olinda at Langill’s getting on Colvos passageway for the first time and after that the guy walked doing Center. Later the guy taped their reaction:

“we originated the truly amazing prairies of Nebraska and, as I stepped around middle into the accumulating dusk of a mid-August nights, large fir woods towering 300 base above myself on either side of the trail in a very nearly impenetrable wall structure and flanked by fantastic financial institutions of ferns, the good thing about the scene is overshadowed of the thought that these atmosphere just must harbor hoards of bears and catamounts [19th 100 years name for cougar]. “

In Isle of water Breezers Roland Carey produces, “Since the island was initially inhabited, a celebrated cougar has been viewed, heard, monitored, and dreamed, normally since famous sasquatch has become glimpsed in other parts.”

Now, islanders for the 2016 generation have now been just as perplexed, entertained, and cautious of the most extremely present cougar tourist. We’ve build here web page to provide extra island certain suggestions for people. Cougars are included in our very own varied animals and watching you should become a rewarding and exciting feel. Hopefully the home elevators these pages helps us all find out about these unexpected area residents.

Thanks a lot to Peter Ray and VOV for video-taping this chat for people.

  • 1915–Cougar slain at combination Landing by Dan Lander. The following August an extermination venture is actually cost prevent cougars from Vashon, no body understands just how effective it actually was.
  • 1919–Harbor levels cougar sighting, reported in 1920 area News Record.
  • 1920–Harbor levels cougar reportedly kills some chickens. Reported in Area Information Record.
  • 1924–Stephen Lander shoots cougar 3/4 kilometers from Dan Lander’s capturing in 1915. Reported in Isle Development Record.
  • 2011– 2-3 reports of cougar sightings in Ellisport Canyon place reported to T Martino of Wolftown.
  • 2015–1 sighting of a cougar near Reddings beach/Cross getting reported to Vashon character Center. Movement detectors cameras set up but absolutely nothing found after basic sighting.
  • 2016–Several sightings, a few of which have been verified with monitors or pet images, for the area.
  • Maury cougar snap in Sep of 2016 near Manzanita coastline by islander Jesse Bell.

    Based on season more cougar sightings occur on Vashon (later part of the spring-summer) we believe that most cougars is taking a trip males dispersing off their natal territories and diving across to our coasts. They use the islands for a couple times to many months, as a stepping stone to larger region. In accordance with a 1995 research post from institution of California Berkeley, “dispersing guys consume a series of little short-term house ranges, usually near urban-wildlife connects.” All of our island is likely one of them connects for Washington condition cougars.


    Hill lions tend to be worthwhile creatures. Elusive, quiet, and stronger, obtained evolved for over 35 million years to be the most efficient predators on the planet. Just understanding her physiology, physiology, and conduct engenders respect for those stunning untamed animals. Below we share some answers to faq’s we field on a regular basis at Vashon character middle.

    Just how do mountain lions get here?

    They swimming! Cougars are perfect swimmers and also managed to get towards the area several times in the past. Different isles through the Salish water furthermore encounter normal cougar check outs, from the Broken Island party off of the West shore of Vancouver Island to BC’s much more sheltered Gulf countries. Bainbridge and Whidbey Islands have records of cougar sightings.

    When will many present mountain lion allow?

    We now have not a clue! Generally mountain lions you should never stick around our very own isle many months. However, as decades go on, the deer people has grown in the absence of apex predators, which can be one factor which allows a cougar to stay right here much longer. Just opportunity will state.

    Isn’t Vashon-Maury too tiny for a cougar?

    Typical variety sizes for male cougars were 50-100 rectangular miles. Female selections include somewhat much less huge. Vashon was 37 square kilometers. We don’t understand which points were greatest in determining selection size. If foods density was a substantial factor, a cougar may continue their stay static in a little region. However, diminished friends will more than likely convince movement sooner or later.

    Include hill lions unsafe?

    In case you are a deer sure. If you are an individual much less so, specifically if you prepare plus parents in how to react in the event that you encounter a cougar (discover next concern). A healthy and balanced regard for cougars is important but we don’t must be overly fearful. Mountain lions are present in every rural-urban program in Washington there enjoys best started one fatal fight on human beings in Arizona and it occurred in 1924. We are much more likely to obtain harmed by deer right here regarding the island as they mix highways into vehicles routes. We in cougar nation go-about company as always (believe Bellingham, Issaquah, North curve and Cougar hill trails) nevertheless some suggestions from WDFW and Parks Canada for extra defense for folks who wants they tend to be: carry a walking stick, keep spray, or a noise creator. See considerably helpful suggestions below.

    Precisely what do i really do if I experience a cougar?

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