Regional females feel comfortable conversing with and engaging with lady travellers.

Regional females feel comfortable conversing with and engaging with lady travellers.

Before wedding, numerous Moroccan guys have little chance to see and progress to see girls outside their family – a significant reasons why international people receive a whole lot attention. Constant unwanted appearance and feedback will come as one thing of shock to first-time travelers together with continual attention can be very putting on.

Some ladies elect to disregard the headache, and it’s really really worth remember that low-level harassment hardly ever goes any further.


Clothes that cover the shoulders and hips were culturally befitting Morocco; stay away from low-cut tops completely. Bikinis were OK on personal coastlines. Enjoy activities by ear in resorts swimming pools – some are okay, at other individuals it’s going to attract unwelcome attention.

Sunbathing topless on the beach has never been suitable in Morocco.

Havens & Dangers

In the event that stress gets way too much, seek out the ever-increasing range areas used to getting the companies of unmarried Moroccan girls.

The top floors of a beauty salon de the (teahouse), a cafe or restaurant or a resorts terrace may also be great bets.

Hammams are great male-free areas for an enjoyable reprieve.

Resort and community pools typically draw in sets of guys, whether or not they become cycling or ingesting at a poolside pub.

Remember that some spending budget resorts double as brothels; any inexpensive Korean dating site resorts above a favorite locals’ pub try a probably contender.

If you would like an alcoholic drink, head to a sizable hotel versus braving a club, because these are male-dominated establishments. Regional ladies who regular watering openings (also the posher your) are usually prostitutes.

Men Travelling Companions

Lady going with male friends become less likely to experience a lot of the effort that unicamente female certainly discover.

It may possibly be easier to claim to be a married pair rather than just pals (the latter principle is normally greeted with disbelief).

If you are a Moroccan lady (or Moroccan in features) travelling with your non-Moroccan partner, it is important to carry a copy of the marriage certification. Premarital intercourse for Muslims are forbidden, and Morocco features a stern personality to gender jobs.

For similar cause, should your partner is believed to be Muslim, chances are you’ll speak to some uncomfortable problems at resort reception tables. This can be less of a problem in large urban centers.


Just be sure to remain next to a woman on trains and buses, especially in grands taxis in which you’re squeezed around closely, as well as on trains, where you are able to probably become jammed inside an area.

Most females take a trip in grands cab without difficulties, no matter where they sit, you could pay money for two chair to obtain an experience all on your own right in front. It might be significantly more comfortable.

Hitchhiking actually advised.

Safety Precautions

Refrain wandering in regards to by yourself during the night; grab a cab. Refrain walking alone in isolated avenues such as for example isolated shores, woodlands and mud dunes.

Wearing dark colored cups is perfect for steering clear of visual communication, but don’t invest all your trip hiding behind them.

Straightforward non merci or la shukran (‘no thanks a lot’) is much more effective than reacting with hostility (which could become returned in sorts).

The main element principle are ‘respect’, something many Moroccans hold dear. Hashouma! (‘shame!’) can also be used to embarrass would-be harassers.

A marriage ring can help your prevent unwelcome focus – in addition to a photograph of the ‘husband’ and ‘child’. That you are going without them will arouse uncertainty, but you could counter this by stating you’ll be fulfilling them at your subsequent resort.

Need additional care at tunes festivals (also huge events) as complaints have been made of bodily harassment.


Tampons are difficult to purchase in Morocco. Carrefour is the only dependable supermarket to stock all of them, and also then offers restricted option. You will have to take with you a plastic bag for disposing of tampons and shields.

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